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Healing - Printed Paper Book

Healing refers primarily to the action of restoring someone to health or to becoming healthy.

This book focuses on healings associated with God and His Word and provides Christians with the Biblical keys to be healed and to heal others. It looks at the remedy or treatment given in each instance and God’s power in action via the Lord Jesus Christ.

It shows the love and light that Jesus brought to people during his life prior to his death, burial, and resurrection. It also defines how his church of Christians can evidence the authority, ability, and energy that the resurrected Christ bestows today.

The Scripture verses are given in two versions:

  1. The True Bible Study Word Translation (TBS).
    • The Word Translation is translated from the Greek Texts by Maura K. Hill.
  2. The King James Version (KJV).

The Table of Contents includes:

Section 1
  • Records of Jesus Healing the Sick
    • Jesus attended to every disease and sickness
    • Is a sick person always required to believe?
    • Healed from a fever
    • Jesus cast out devil-spirits
    • Jesus attended to people and delegated authority
    • Is healing limited to certain days of the week?
    • Does unbelief affect abilities (miracles)?
    • Did Jesus have compassion?
    • People who touched the border of Jesus’ garment were healed
    • A mother asks for her daughter to be healed
    • A father asks for his son to be healed from a devil-spirit
    • Jesus healed blind people
    • How was Jesus able to heal people oppressed by the devil?
Section 2
  • Records of Christians being healed and healing others
    • Who are Holy-People / Christians?
    • What is the belief in order to become a Christian?
    • A Christian can be healed and heal others?
    • The gift of holy spirit contributes God’s information
    • Healing a man who had never walked
    • In the Name of Jesus Christ
    • Peter’s explanation of the healing
    • Healing another man who had never walked
    • Signs and Wonders
    • Signs which Philip did
    • A paralyzed man is healed
    • A dead Christian is brought back to life
    • Paul casts out a devil-spirit
    • An angel communicates God’s message – saved from drowning
    • Did Paul tempt God?
    • Paul healed others
    • If someone is weak among you
    • A Christian’s sins and healing
    • Does supplication accomplish anything?
    • Healed to salvation and to living righteously
    • Behavior and Healing
    • Remembrance of the body and blood of the Lord Jesus
    • Prosperity and Soundness
    • What is God’s will – sickness or health?

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