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Speaking with Tongues - Printed Paper Book

Speaking with tongues is available to be done by all Christians today. It is proof that God raised Jesus up alive from being dead and that Jesus is the Lord and the Christ.

Christians can pray in spirit during our private lives by speaking with tongues to God, even though these words are a mystery to the person praying.

We can also speak in a tongue and speak the interpretation of those words when we are in a gathering of the church, thereby allowing any unbelievers present to hear the sign proving that God has accomplished redemption and salvation by means of the Lord Jesus Christ whom He raised from the dead.

The Scripture verses are given in two versions:

  1. The True Bible Study Word Translation (TBS).
    • The Word Translation is translated from the Greek Texts by Maura K. Hill.
  2. The King James Version (KJV).

The Table of Contents includes:

Section 1
  • When did Speaking with Tongues begin?
    • Not available before the Ascension
    • First available on the Day of Pentecost
    • Gentiles also receive holy spirit
Section 2
  • When will Speaking with Tongues end?
    • Tongues will Stop
Section 3
  • The Sign that Jesus is Lord and Christ
    • Is Jesus your Lord?
    • Tongues and their Interpretation
    • Tongues of men and of angels
    • In the Church
Section 4
  • Praying in Spirit
    • Seventh piece of Armor
    • Keep ourselves in Love

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