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Rebuilding Jerusalem - Book of Nehemiah Study Guide

The Book of Nehemiah records details about the Lord God continuing to help His people via Nehemiah in accordance with the good-message regarding the Christ.  

It includes information about Nehemiah’s journeys to Jerusalem from Babylon, praying to the Lord God for help, correcting the behavior of the descendants of Israel, and the building and dedication of the wall of Jerusalem.  

The chronological timeframe of the Book of Nehemiah begins after the Book of Esther, and many events recorded from Nehemiah 7:5 onwards correspond to the Book of Ezra. Nehemiah 1:1 occurred during the 20th year of the reign of Esther’s husband, the king, during the rulership of the kings of Persia and Media.

This book includes verses translated from the Greek old covenant writing, sometimes referred to as the Septuagint. Additionally, some comparisons to the Hebrew text are provided.

True Bible Study - Rebuilding Jerusalem - Book of Nehemiah

Rebuilding Jerusalem - Book of Jerusalem